Hiking Lamma Island

We took a high speed ferry from Hong Kong Island to Yung Shue Wan on Lamma Island. This is small fishing island that motorized vehicles are not allowed to be on – only bikes and walking. we hiked from Yung Shue Wan to the other side to the village of Sok Kwu Wan.image

The views along the trail were great as we gained a bit of elevation during the hike.image

We found this small apiary along the way


A map of the island.image

One of the small gatherings of homes as we approached Sok Kwu Wan.image

The sun was going down so we finally reached our destination after about an hour of hiking.image

Below are just a few of the live fish aquariums where your dinner is kept until required.image

The restaurant that we enjoyed our dinner at . It is the Rainbow Seafood Restaurant. We enjoyed lobster, scallopson a bed of broccoli, steamed kale and Singapore noodles.image

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