Gros Morne – Green Gardens Trail

We decided to hike the Green Gardens Trail today. The Green Gardens Trail is a 16 km loop and if you do the complete loop it includes two fords of the Wallace Brook. If you are a back-packing camper there are three primitive campsites that overlook the ocean    on the coastal meadows.Green Garden Trail Head

We started at the Long Point parking lot which gives a preview of the Tablelands terrain. It is so barren here because of the chemical composition of the rocks which is not conducive to plant growth.image

The typical Tablelands terrain.Start of Green Gardens Trail

As you get further along the trail you start to enter the area of the Green Gardens.image

As you come out of the forest you come to the coastal meadows and it is said that. The people of Trout Lake use to pasture their livestock here.image

The coastal shoreline is truly amazing and gives you some amazing opportunities for photos. Unfortunately it was raining by this time however you can still see the beauty.image

We set up my camera for a couple of “selfies” and the Park had placed two nice adirondack chairs to sit in.image

Then we climbed down to the ocean shoreline to take another. The first attempt didn’t work because I didn’t quite get into position in time before the camera snapped it’s picture.image

A couple more photos of the coast line.image

This photo is as we headed uphill away from the coast once again on our way to Wallace Brook where we would have to ford the water.image

Unfortunately my camera quit working for me after this. I’m hoping that it is simply a battery issue and that it didn’t get too wet in the rain while we were hiking.

We had an amazing time on this trail – one of the toughest we have done, we forded the brook twice – both times up above our knees in rushing water to cross. We followed some moose tracks along the trail however we didn’t see any moose.

We ate our lunch on some picnic tables looking out over the ocean and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. If you come to Gros Morne, the Green Gardens Trail is a must but be prepared for the Wallace Brook and the three mountains that you have to climb and descend before to get back to the trail head.Beef Stew

And this is what was waiting for us when we returned to Trout Lake Camp. Tracy had cooked the stew last evening and it just needed the finished touches, along with some heated Nan Bread it was amazing and definitely hit the spot. The end of great day.

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2 thoughts on “Gros Morne – Green Gardens Trail

  1. Hey, looks like you two are having a blast! Hopefully the camera keeps working Stu cause the scenery is amazing. Stay warm and keep the stories coming! Ian

  2. Lois Hull on said:

    Beautiful tour. We are enjoying your blog. Great photos and love the ones of you two!

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