Elliston, NFLD – The Root Cellar Capital of the World

On our way to Cape Bonavista, we ended up staying quite accidentally at Elliston. Elliston turned out to be one of our favourite spots. We camped at the Elliston Municipal Park, it was closed for the season but the gate was open. After staying the evening and eating at Nanny’s Kitchen, someone came by and turned on the water. Obviously news had travelled that some campers had arrived in town.Elliston

This is the view just a few minutes along the road from the Municipal Park. Looking east towards Ireland, the view was spectacular and the far point and island are Puffin nesting sitesPuffin PointRoot Cellar

This is one of the many root cellars that can be found throughout EllistonTeddy at Elliston

The view back towards Elliston and the westy.image

One of the many Puffins . He had just emerged from his burrow.image


Nanny’s Kitchen – a must visit if you are in Elliston. Joan the waitress made the stay memorable and Zak the new owner and chef served some fantastic Chowder and every possible cod recipe that you can think of.

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