The Importance of good Tires

Yesterday, the last day before our trip, I walked outside to see that the right rear tire was flat – hopefully not an omen! So I changed the tire and put on the full size spare although it was a size smaller. As I let down the Westy , the spare went flatter and flatter but I thought that it would at least get me to Mr. Muffler so that I could fix the good tire. It had a two inch metal screw in it.

As I reached the Rideau Canal in Ottawa on route to 5th Avenue my spare went flat – right to the rim. After a ride with my Brother to Mr. Muffler and back, I re-changed my newly patched tire and then brought the spare back to Mr. Muffler for a check-up. It turns out my spare was close to 20 years old!!

A visit to Canadian Tire and back to Mr. Muffler ended with a brand new spare so we are all ready to go now. It looks like it was a good thing that I picked up the screw as I don’t want to be in newfoundland without a good spare.

VW Tires

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